Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Friday, April 2, 2010

Ghost Cop quick sketches

some very rough sketches for ghost cop with my stylus which I am still not used to. I have been looking a bit a the coloring style of Penny-Arcade's later work. I still only have a few shorts totaling to maybe 6 or 7 pages in my sketch book, and still no long story with which to send Ghost Cop on an epic journey of violence and debauchery. On an optimistic note i've discovered that coming up with stories when i have been drinking is not a very good idea so that should help me somehow. will try to upload shorts after i use someone's scanner.


So this is an idea I have been having for the short comic, but the more shorts I make the more I like Ghost-Cop. Something about the epitome of bad assery. So I have been thinking about a story line that goes beyond the 8 page assignment.